When You Are Limited by Limiting Thoughts

We have evolved in so many amazing ways over the past century, and one perfect example of this growth is how we’ve learned that it’s entirely possible to alter the way we think. This includes altering negative thoughts that limit our development. We all have limiting thoughts, but a great deal of the time we are so consumed with our chaotic lives, we don’t even have the time to notice we’re are being dragged down. First you need to recognize your limiting thoughts. Then you can change them!

Fortunately, in some situations our limiting thoughts are few– instead you experience good feelings, while you are enjoying your days and prospering in many aspects of your life. Unfortunately, some times your limiting thoughts are more frequent, like when you are suffering with anxiety, depression and grief.

That’s how life works with its powerful ups and downs. Right?

So, the essential goal is to keep your limiting thoughts to a minimum.

This is possible by recognizing your limiting thoughts when you are in a specific situation, and then changing them to positive thoughts. When this transformation occurs, you will come to perceive this challenging situation in a whole new way. Eventually, this will lead to coping in a whole new way.

Here is a simple test so you can discover which situations in your life need to be altered.

Important!: Please read the instructions first:

⇒ You Percentage of Minus is equal to the percentage of your thoughts that revolve around: 1) Things you don’t desire; 2) Things you wish were different; and 3) Things that could go wrong.

⇒ Your percentage of Minus may be stable in certain situations, and your percentage of Minus certainly alters in different situations!

⇒ Make a note of your percent of Minus in three situations in your life in the table at the bottom, and use the following listing as your guideline:


Halts; unable to think clearly; locked up; inner chaos; emptiness; helpless; powerless; over-analyzing; can’t trust other people; obsessive; can’t stop; can’t start; panic attacks; everything is black; everything is grey; everything is red; no end in sight; the iron curtain; unable to concentrate; inclined to forget; existing for the sake of existing; loosing yourself; paralyzed; believes ‘Life is suffering.’


Guilty; constantly thinking about what other people think;  almost wanting to give up; harsh on yourself; judgmental; moody; irritable; gloomy; anxious; egocentric; envious; jealous; skeptical; stubborn; negative attitude; wearing a mask; deceiving yourself; on wrong track; picking a random education; living from one day to another; going backwards, not forward; believes that ‘life is a struggle.’


Relaxed; able to put things away; prioritizes; positive; open; solution oriented; indulging; honoring yourself; pursuing suitable education; having purpose; pride; networking; respectful; moving forward; believes‘life is a challenge.’


Enthusiasm; Passionate; Successful; Happy; Curious; Humble; Grateful; Confident; Prospering; Good times; Inner Peace; Inner Strength; Believing you are bigger than the situation; It will bounce off; Living life to the fullest; Abundance; Believes ‘Life is a gift.’


Identify your percentage of Minus in three daily situations:


  <30% <50% >50% >70%
Situation 1        
Situation 2        
Situation 3        
You can add more


These results will show you, when you have identified the percentage of limiting thoughts in specific situations, then you have measured the dialogue with your Plus.  If you are curious about what this means, you may enjoy reading and listening to my FREE gift for you.


Tom Erik Green

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