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I’m Tom Erik Green,  the founder and owner of PlusVendor AS. Here’s my  short bio, so you can get to know me a little better.


How to change from a shy, introverted person who stutters, to a sought-after mentor.
I first began developing the Plus Code concept in the early ‘90s. I had endured a personal struggle with stuttering. From the time I was seven years old, unable to speak or read fluently in class, I became hopelessly drained of any self-confidence. It took many years for me to learn who I truly was and what I desired out of life.
By the time I reached my adolescence, I knew I had the desire to be a psychologist. Looking back, I can see this ambition was a healthy coping mechanism to overcome my stuttering, as well as triumphing over episodes of bullying, anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, my problems continued into my University years; I remember two painful occasions where training interviews with clients were halted due to my stuttering, which completely immobilized me. I would not wish it on anyone to have been in my shoes.
What really changed my life after graduating as a psychologist in the late ‘80s, was coming to know my mentor, Bernard Thomas Hartman. ‘Hardy’ was a psychologist and prolific writer who also stuttered, and we met regularly over a period of several years to share long conversations about psychology and philosophy. At that time, under Hardy’s thoughtful guidance, I was writing scientific articles about social adjustments in children and adults who stutter, published in international journals.
Twenty-five years after meeting my mentor, I have experienced great progress in my personal growth and development. This was largely due to Hardy’s mentorship, and enhanced by reading numerous informative personal development books. All this study illuminated the fact that my abilities were not lacking, but instead I was not engaging my proactive reactions to create a constructive attitude.
What you are able to represent as a person is a lot more than you realize. I now have the fortunate opportunity to help many, and I’ve had people write to me, telling me that my program has changed and enhanced the quality of their lives and made them better people, just as my journey has helped me to create a desirable life.
So, the path I have walked has led me to you. Plus Code mentoring is by far the best way I have discovered to reveal your true potential. The concept I have developed is truly powerful and I want to share this with you, hoping you, too, will be able to experience this power for yourself.
I am confident that the information given here will help you gain insights into the Plus Code concept. One thing I look forward to is hearing how you managed to change yourself for the better–with the help of the resources available through this site.


To your success in life!

Tom Erik Green

Expect Your Best in Life, and you’ll be Able to Give a Lot More to Others!


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