Facing Life’s Challenges to Become Stronger and Better

I’d like to give you some personal insights. Throughout our lives we are required to develop certain essential traits that will ensure we not only face any challenges that arise, but we also contribute something worthy. Hopefully you have come to understand that you were born with extraordinary talents and potential. Now for the important part! Nurturing your potential for your well-being as well as for those you love.

Through the years I have spent a great deal of energy on self-reflection, and I would love to share one aspect of this with you…

Make sure there are no distractions, sit back and give yourself the time, space and solitude to reflect.

Are you ready?

I believe Curiosity is one of the most productive states of consciousness that we need to develop and hold onto. Being curious about the world around you—yourself, your relationships, nature, and every other facet of your existence, is essential to move from frustration to your Plus.

Why is this?

Being frustrated but curious allows us to be humble enough to admit we don’t have all the answers, to ask questions about what may be missing, and thereby gain strength and courage from accepting our ignorance.

We only need to be grateful to understand that we don’t possess all the answers, and then we can become graced with discovering our Plus!

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
Albert Einstein

Please visit me again… in the next blog we will discuss Gratitude.

Great to meet you here!

Expect Your Best in Life, and you’ll be Able to Give a Lot More to Others!

Tom Erik Green

Psychologist and Plusmentor

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