Cultivating Good Relationships Leads to Happiness

No one, not even Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, ever imagined the success of social media. More people visit Facebook than Google on a daily basis. This demonstrates our strong need to develop relationships as well as remain connected to others. Our brains reflect our powerful need to develop social skills. Human beings are social creatures who need not only acquaintances but also friends to feel they are loved and valued. Acceptance from others means a lot and we often go to great lengths to secure this.
Monks, who are the epitome of solitude, still choose to meditate in groups and live in close-knit communities.

People work better and are more productive when they have good relationships

People feel happy when they have good relationships with those who matter most to them. Strong connections help to reduce stress and increase happiness in our lives. Positive relationships result in improved health and longevity. On the contrary, it’s challenging for individuals to have peace of mind when there are holes in their social safety net.
Worrying over your relationships can not only make you lose sleep at night, but can also cause a drop in your performance and productivity. Good relationships, on the other hand, at home, at work and at play, leave you feeling content and ready to take on the challenges of your life.

Cultivating good relations

We all need to develop our social skills and nurture our relationships–whether within our families, professionally, or with our friends. These connections will lead to feeling content in your life as well as helping to maintain good health. Those who know how to be happy and feel joy when their friends are happy are the ones who are guaranteed to have the best relationships. Also remember never to fail to ask for forgiveness if you’ve said or done something hurtful. Really happy people know that anger is not healthy for their relationships. They choose to forgive and forget, understanding that forgiveness is a gift they give to themselves first but that it carries forward to those they love.

However, there is no need to compromise your values and goals merely to make your friends happy. If anyone drags you down, or makes you feel depressed or diminished, make sure this person does not take priority in your life. In essence, you cannot live a content life without having good relations.

Expect Your Best in Life and you’ll be able to give a lot more to others!

These three essential gifts will come your way…

You will look at life in a positive light…
  2. You will think in a way that brings forth this positive light and…
  3. To feel empowered by this way of thinking.


Speak soon!

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