Financial video

Personal Development Fosters Financial Growth

We are all complex individuals who have many distinct needs. Together we have discussed a great many topics, mostly geared around constructive plans for your personal development. But what about devising a constructive plan for your financial growth and well-being? Our finances are something many of us are not comfortable discussing with our friends and[…]

Cultivating Good Relationships Leads to Happiness

No one, not even Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, ever imagined the success of social media. More people visit Facebook than Google on a daily basis. This demonstrates our strong need to develop relationships as well as remain connected to others. Our brains reflect our powerful need to develop social skills. Human beings are[…]

Facing Life’s Challenges to Become Stronger and Better

I’d like to give you some personal insights. Throughout our lives we are required to develop certain essential traits that will ensure we not only face any challenges that arise, but we also contribute something worthy. Hopefully you have come to understand that you were born with extraordinary talents and potential. Now for the important[…]

When You Are Limited by Limiting Thoughts

We have evolved in so many amazing ways over the past century, and one perfect example of this growth is how we’ve learned that it’s entirely possible to alter the way we think. This includes altering negative thoughts that limit our development. We all have limiting thoughts, but a great deal of the time we[…]

Welcome to the Plus Code concept

Hi There! I’m Tom Erik Green,  the founder and owner of PlusVendor AS. Here’s my  short bio, so you can get to know me a little better.   How to change from a shy, introverted person who stutters, to a sought-after mentor. I first began developing the Plus Code concept in the early ‘90s. I had[…]