Creating Your Abundant Life

You may wonder from time to time — what is the difference between people who become the best they can be, and those who are stuck, and are unable to progress?

Which sort of person are you?

There was a point in time when I, myself, was stuck, so don’t feel alone or diminished if you are not progressing at this moment in time. You have the ability, just as I did, to make constructive changes in your life and overcome any obstacles.

There are many who have lived difficult lives, coping with incredible challenges and situations, but still they triumph. I believe these fortunate people have learned to practice three things:

Looking at life in a positive light.
Thinking in a way that brings forth this positive light and…
Feeling empowered by this way of thinking.

You may believe that this sounds incredibly simple. But we need to put these concepts into practice before reaping the rewards from discovering your Plus.

For me the journey on this path began when I needed to overcome my difficulties with communicating. As a child, my severe stutter was an obstacle in school as well as socially. How did I come to see the world in a positive light while I was faced with such a challenge? I still was able to see the value and beauty in my world, and the time afforded me when I was reluctant to speak, made me a strong listener, providing years of training that proved valuable to me as a therapist years down the road. Maybe as a child I did not yet have this insight, but I could still appreciate listening to stories being told, or the problems of a close friend, or the words to a moving song. And all this while I faced my own difficulties of expressing myself verbally. Eventually I found all the rewards of listening with a keenness that arose from my shortcoming, and this ended up empowering me with great strength and empathy. So look at life in a positive light, think in a positive light, and you will find yourself empowered too…

You will be Your Best when you are empowered by Your Plus. 


For Your abundant life!

Tom Erik Green
Psychologist and Plusmentor

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